The Cosmic Abyss

In the Cosmic Abyss, we allow ourself to be inspired. To be annoyed. To be touched. To be confused. To smile from our hearts. To cry a little. To laugh out loud. To sing like a toad. To jump like a child. And to dance like a clown. Because … in the abyss, love is the gravity that pulls everyone back to sanity. And we’re not afraid to get lost in the depth of the abyss. That’s where we’ll find our purest inner soul. I’ll share mine. Its up to you to share yours.

relocated! April 11, 2008

Filed under: Uncategorized — abby @ 11:50 am

slowly, I will remove this site as I am now operating from …. Its a personal domain and in support of digitalmalaya, I shall continue my creative rantings writings from there. sorry for the inconveniences. However, I am very very young and I am learning to improve myself with every given opportunity to gain extra knowledge here and there. love lots and hugs all around!


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